When To Go to the Galapagos

There really is no best or worst time of year to travel to the Galapagos! Because the Galapagos archipelago is located on the equator and the temperature does not vary much from month to month, you can’t go wrong whether you choose to go in the spring, summer, fall or winter. Due to the cold water currents converging from the west and the south, the Galapagos Islands are atypically dry for a tropical climate, averaging only 0.75 inches of rainfall per month at the highest elevations.

The Galapagos has two specific weather seasons:

The Warm/Wet Season: December-June
March and April are usually the warmest and wettest months of the warm/wet season. During this time period, the highlands will often receive short, daily afternoon showers, however, the lower elevations receive very little rain.

The Cold/Dry Season: July-November
This season—also called the “garua season”—is cooler and dry with occasional overcast skies and drizzle or mist (garua) during the day. August is the coolest month in the Galapagos, but even then the average daily high is a pleasant 79 degrees Fahrenheit. During this season, the right combination of conditions and an abundance of food attracts more whale sharks. The cold/dry period is also the breeding season for much of the Galapagos’ wildlife such as albatross, boobies, sea lions, and marine iguanas.

As you can see in the table above, these two seasons are only very slightly different.

Although there is no off-season in the Galapagos, it does tend to get somewhat busy mid-December through mid-January and from June to August, as those are generally holiday and vacation months worldwide. Even if you are planning to travel to the Galapagos during one of those busier months, you won’t experience crowds on NHA’s small-group Galapagos adventures.  Our guide-to-guest ratio is the best in the islands with one Expedition Leader for every 8-12 passengers, and our private yachts hold no more than 20 passengers.

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